Do you need help with your next software project?

Do you have a current project which is in trouble?

Do you have a great idea but you don’t know how to turn it into reality?

HakiTaak specializes in creating software solutions to complex problems. We create full-spectrum, custom software in technically challenging areas. We work closely with our clients, ensuring that their specific needs and requirements are understood and fulfilled. We value our customers and are proud of our continuing long-term relationships with many clients.

We're flexible. The methodology and approach we adopt in any given project depends on what you, the customer, need to make that project a success. We believe in engaging with you, communicating clearly and working with you every step of the way to ensure you get the software you need.

When we start a project, we negotiate with you and figure out how the project should be run: we'll discuss documentation, testing, release schedule, warranties and support. From that discussion, we'll come up with something that works for both of us. Whatever we decide, our dedicated in-house project management and testing teams will be involved. We take our software quality and uptime very seriously, and we consider ourselves rigorous professionals.

We specialize in serious business software, for large or small projects. In addition to our coding expertise in a wide range of Enterprise systems, Clearfield's team handles the whole project lifecycle: architecture, design, development, testing and support.

We adapt our development methodology to fit you. We always focus on quality, reliability and robustness. We offer a team of local, reliable, skilled professionals to build your next project.


We Access

When it comes to technology, you need to know where you are before you can move forward. We help companies gain a clear understanding of their current technology environment in the context of their business goals and strategy

Key Considerations for Product Development.

Needs Analysis

Determine the important characteristics of the system to be developed and how individual methods help developers deal with those 2 CMU/SEI-88-TR-8 characteristics. HakiTaak emphasizes the need to evaluate individual methods by their ability to deal with specific engineering problems

Constraint Identification

Identify the constraints imposed on the permitted solutions and determine how individual methods help developers deal with those constraints.HakiTaak reminds the assessor that methods must support developers’ efforts to design systems that exhibit a variety of required characteristics.

User Requirements

Determine the general usage characteristics of the individual methods. A method can be examined by developing an understanding of: how it represents a system under development, the guidelines it gives developers to derive the representations, and the guidelines it provides to examine the representations. This understanding is best developed by applying the method to a sample problem that is representative of the system to be developed.

Management Issues

Determine the support provided by the method to those who must manage the development process as well as the costs and benefits of adopting and using the method. HakiTaak emphasizes the need to recognize that methods are used within particular organizations that have established ways of conducting business.

Introduction Plan

Develop an understanding of the issues that the method does not address and a plan to augment the method in areas where it is deficient. We reinforce the notion that methods do not guarantee success and points out several problem areas in existing methods and their use.


We Plan

We get you to the finish line.

Determining the direction you want to go and the best route to get there can be challenging. We help companies develop strategic, actionable plans to achieve their business objectives.

Our range of services allows clients to take advantage of “green field” opportunities, experiment with emerging technologies and truly maximize their company’s business opportunities.

Some of the benefits of whole-sourcing include:

  • Lowers your overall project risk
  • Allows you to better focus on the business aspects of your project
  • Allows you to augment your staffing for busy project periods
  • Eliminates your need to manage technical staff
  • Allows you to “right-size” your ongoing development staff


We Build

The processes and top-calibre team we have created over the past years enable us to build robust, custom software solutions in an Agile, iterative and collaborative way. We’ll get your project into production and help you realize the business value you expect.

We Support

Our work doesn’t end when the build is complete. Our clients remain as partners over the long-term. We stand behind the solutions we provide – and that means facilitating ongoing support, version upgrades and system enhancements