Training & Development

ERP software sits at the heart of your organization, relying on and supplying information that determines current performance, future direction and strategy. Therefore, the efficiency and accuracy of your business functions are of paramount importance, and minimizing the risks of user errors has to be a top priority. It is crucial that each person who comes into contact with your ERP system is fully trained in the functions and facilities available to enable them to fulfill their role within their team. Success of a new installation or upgrade can ultimately depend on the quality and level of training provided. As a key part of our Training Service, the Training Team provides a variety of ways to help your organization reap maximum benefit from your ERP solution, enabling you to achieve:

  • Detailed understanding of the system’s potential
  • Faster more efficient implementations and upgrades
  • Ongoing optimum return on your software investment
  • Faster adaptation to new release
  • Quicker reaction to changes in business practice.


Lifetime learning

Continuous learning is vital for individuals and organisations to succeed in a constantly changing environment. With this in mind, our Training Service provides end-to-end training options:

  • Throughout the implementation lifecycle – from learning the “Design Principles” prior to implementation, through “Preparing for your Implementation” and “What’s new in…?” upgrade training when moving to a new version of software, through to general “Product” and “Technical” training.
  • For the whole range of people involved – for a new installation project and the ongoing use of the system within the organisation. This can include a wide variety of staff – from the implementation project team, through transaction processors, to information users.

Super user

The aim of our training is to make you self-sufficient as quickly as possible, thus reducing the time and investment you need to make for additional training services. We also believe that having more knowledge within the organisation leads to a more effective business function. Building and administering a system can be a complex and responsible task. An understanding of the system setup is required in order to support users in their daily operation. Super Users fulfill this role and the super user training courses are designed to provide understanding of how the ERP system works from a functional perspective

End user

End users can help you realize the benefits of your investment, so it is critical to design and deliver relevant and timely training to the end user community, which incorporates your business processes and procedures. We offer end user training services that include ‘scoping exercises’, to help plan and budget for the skills transfer, and Training Needs Analysis, for course development with supporting documentation and training delivery


he environment within which your ERP solution is installed, and how your ERP solution works with it, are of fundamental importance. Our technical training courses will educate your in-house or out-sourced technical team on the installation, and how to manage the system for optimum performance.