Features of HakiTaak DMS – Electronic Document Management Software

HakiTaak DMS - Electronic document management system is user friendly affordable software that can be used on any platform, device and browser. Therefore, even when you are physically away from the office, you can access the system from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, irrespective of its operating system or browser

Completely web browser based solution

DMS - Document Management system has been designed in latest technology and it supports any platform and it is also accessible over LAN, WAN or Internet HakiTaak DMS Document Management System can be installed on your local server, private cloud or public cloud. Hence it can be accessed from anywhere in the globe.

Quick and easy document search & retrieval

HakiTaak DMS - Document Management System facilitates quick search, retrieval and sharing of files. Creates up-to-date log of each  and every electronic document or file accessed/used  in the organization. No complex and chaotic folder structure. HakiTaak DMS has web based Scanning & Document Capturing. Direct integration to Microsoft Outlook in sending and receiving attachments.

Full Text Searching capabilities

HakiTaak DMS - Document Management System uses OCR technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data.

Robust Version Control

HakiTaak DMS - Document Management System is securing your documents with a robust version control system. Therefor every single change to an existing document is maintained with a new version

Automated Workflow

HakiTaak DMS - Document Management System streamlines the entire document processing cycle automatically based on your workflow. Business processes typically involve movement of documents from the company to third parties, from department to department inside the company, and from person to person in a department. Several persons with different roles (such as creation, review, approval, and dispatch) will have to reference the document before it completes its intended purpose. Well-planned and efficient movement of documents can significantly speed up business processes and enhance their quality

Granular Level Security

HakiTaak DMS - Document Management System is a fine-grained system, hence you’ll see permissions to create files, delete files, rename files, modify content, append to file, read file list, read file content, change file permissions, change file ownership, execute file as a program/script, copy file, override timestamps, create links, and so on, and so on. Specific sets of permissions can be assigned to specific users, terminals, access media, hours, groups, network interfaces used to access, etc.

Secure Back-ups

When an office is affected by a fire or burst water pipe, traditional paper files often are damaged beyond repair. Even without a catastrophe, paper documents are lost, destroyed and misplaced regularly. HakiTaak Document management systems eliminate the risk of losing documents by creating back-up files that can be uploaded to an off-site data center

Regulatory Compliance

The benefit here is one of avoiding trouble, which can be serious enough to shut down the business. Government regulations require maintenance of different kinds of data and documents, and the requirements are often very complex. HakiTaak DMS will help ensure compliance with the rules, using such means as checklists, standard forms, and automatic organization.