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Document Management System

Document Management made easy

It happens even to the best of us. A document gets misplaced, and you spend hours looking for it, to no avail. Then, your friend or colleague tells you in their most dismissive tone: “Quit looking for it. You’ll find it when it decides to finally show up.” And guess what, they almost always end up right. The moment you stop looking for the darn document, just when you already forget about it, you find it sitting innocently on a pile of other documents, on your night stand, or other places you thought you’ve already turned upside down but never actually had, as if enjoying every moment of the little hide-and-seek it obviously beat you at. Now, this is a situation you can have a good laugh about if immediately finding the said document isn’t a matter of life and death, or business-critical, one way or another. What if it’s that one document a team needs to get started on a stringently time-sensitive project? What if it’s something that can save a struggling company from costly litigation? Or a government-mandated shutdown, perhaps? This is where the HakiTaak document management system (DMS) becomes absolutely necessary

Intuitive collaboration with HakiTaak DMS

HakiTaak DMS is an easy to use and intuitive collaborative document management system, which control on information quickly to create, modify and assign tasks with version control of business content of each task to make employees more productive and accountable for execution of projects. HakiTaak DMS keeps individual accountability by tracking and auditing individual’s turnaround time and quality of business’s critical documents


Workflow based Automation with HakiTaak DMS

HakiTaak DMS is a Document Management System software, addressing the requirement of automatizing the document oriented workflow for smaller and medium sized organization, so that apart from general viewing and sharing, you may also involve the software in other productive purpose such as creating task notification and document workflow creation, so that the entire lifecycle of the document is addressed with ease

Not only a good System, it is fitting to your Budget..

HakiTaak DMS - An Innovative Document Management System

HakiTaak DMS - Electronic document management system is user friendly affordable software that can be used on any platform, device and browser. Therefore, even when you are physically away from the office, you can access the system from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, irrespective of its operating system or browser