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Asset Mangement

Asset Management

View, secure, control, and manage your assets in one place with HakiTaak Asset Management and simplify your asset tracking. Take action and efficiently manage your IT environment using a solution that is fully integrated with HakiTaak Help Desk. Get the right data where you need it, when you need it, with a solution that automatically displays relevant information in your tickets. HakiTaak CMMS Simplify management of the physical assets of your company and increases its life, register them and control them all from one place. Get detailed information on their performance and reduces failures taking decisions based on information. HakiTaak CMMS Improve your activities managing work orders and tasks intelligently with a highly configurable interface, create task plans, automatic executions, estimated times, frequencies and much more

Key Benefits of HakiTaak Asset Management System

Good Business Practice.

Asset management results in better decisions. Aligning management of infrastructure with strategic policies and direction will support the long-term success of the utility’s mission, goals and objectives

More Meaningful Financial Reporting

Automated Depreciation and valuation calculation can help and the financial team make real time decisions on Assets. HakiTakk Asset Management System does it all

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Every country has its' own regularity compliance. HakiTaak Asset Management System will follow world's standard on Asset Management

Improved Reliability

More structured day-to-day attention to system assets and their condition means that unexpected failures are less likely, thus minimizing emergency repairs, costly lawsuits and customer relations problems. Assessing the risk implications of asset failure helps focus resources on critical priorities and reduces overall risk to the utility

Long Term System Integrity

The concept of “sustainable infrastructure” is gaining increased visibility, probably due to the problems in many American cities and towns where sufficient reinvestment in infrastructure has not been made. By relating costs to asset condition and conducting long term planning for each asset, policy makers get the facts they need to help sustain the infrastructure

Cost Savings

There is evidence that asset management systems that maintain infrastructure in a sound and reliable condition and are based on minimizing life cycle costs, can significantly reduce operating and maintenance cost, as well as long-term capital expenses. A life cycle approach means that the utility always gets the most assets for its money

Eligibility for Federal Funding

The apparent need for increased infrastructure spending coupled with concerns over the quality of infrastructure management prevalent in the industry have led to a range of provisions in proposed funding legislation that include requirements for “asset management plans.” Although it is speculative at this time, it is likely that qualifying for federal funding assistance in the future will require a demonstration of some level of proper asset management