OCR in DMS - Document Management System

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it converts the non searchable images, PDF and documents as searchable once by converting the said file types into digital text. OCR is a very common technology nowadays in most of the high end scanners and even Microsoft office gives this as a free option too. Hence there should not be a DMS software without OCR Technology. 

OCR in DMS will help the user to maximize the usage of the system since it allows the user to search and retrieve the required file in a fraction of time. OCR will help the user to search a file by a phrase, word, or sentence of the entire file. So user need not to spend long hours to search a document. 

Imagine if an employee spends 5 minutes to retrieve and replace a file from a cabinet and that employee works with just 10 files per day. That's about 240 Hours per year per employee. If you pay 20 Dhs per employee per hour, you are spending 4,800 Dhs per year per employee, Just to have documents handled. 

Then Consider if you have 100 Employees, your Loss would be 480,000 Dhs per year!

Remember when you are choosing an OCR enabled DMS system, you should consider two important features in it.

  1. The Software should allow Any documents to be OCR enabled while scanning and saving into the software. But this may slow down your system if you are scanning a huge file since it should read and convert all the contents.
  2. So, your system should allow the user to upload any documents without processing OCR as well. Then later you may find your own time to process the OCR. This will save your time.