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Accounting Module

HakiTaak Accounting Comprehensive Application

HakiTaak Accounting is introducing a comprehensive cloud hosted as well as web-based Accounting software in Dubai to completely resolve the problem of managing activities based on finance. The entire system is segregated in various modules that further help in integrating the business’s financial operations in a single unified platform. Accounting software assists business in accelerating sales, accounting, expense and revenue related operations to enhance the overall financial performance of a firm. Achievement of this application is that everyone can simply connect and work individually from a centralized database system consists of sales, cash flow, and customer related data.

HakiTaak Accounting System for Corporates

Real-time, at-a-glance visibility of all aspects

HakiTaak financials enable enterprise performance management in the form of Executive Dashboards and Analytics, Boardroom Quality Reporting plus Cash Flow Reporting and Forecasting. Finance system in Dubai is keeping on upgrading and HakiTaak Finance is committed to keeping the customers up to date. 

Quickly Access to Asset Detail

HakiTaak Assets Register provides up-to-date, real-time information regarding the value of all assets within the organization. HakiTaak Asset Management system is designed to achieve the expectation of the middle east market.

Business Process Visibility

HakiTaak Workflow management provides increased business process visibility and real time visual monitoring with the capability for continuous process improvement.

Model-driven architecture

HakiTaak Process Modeling (SPM)provides a model-driven architecture that supports management by aligning IT with company strategy and business objectives. SPM improves governance and risk management by:

Budgeting & Forecasting Solution

Budgeting and forecasting for different parts of the business can be managed with HakiTaak. Our Sales Analysis solution allows for the setting of sales targets to manage sales performance. Inventory Forecasting predicts future sales and identifies those products that contribute the most in terms of sales value, gross profit, and cost of sales, quantity sold or hits.

Finance is the term

Finance is the term without which one can’t even imagine about managing any operation in an organization, a Wide number of departments always run in an enterprise that functionally depends on available capital in the organization. Choosing a right ERP for finance management is such a tough job for everyone as each operation requires money to take another move.

Benefits of HakiTaak – Accounting and Finance Management

  • Maximize revenue and profitability through strategic account planning that is tied to measurable goals.
  • Improve sales execution using inline sales analytics to trigger recommended actions.
  • Increase sales velocity and win rates by providing real-time, 360-degree visibility for pipeline and opportunity management, with context-specific selling knowledge on key competitors, partners, and market issues.
  • Streamline the order management process by integrating back-office supply chain, fulfillment, and billing systems.
  • Partner-enable your sales and commerce capabilities to capture more opportunities without increasing your selling costs.
  • Reduce administrative burden by automating and improving processes such as territory management, forecasting, training, and reporting.
  • Build stronger relationships with key influencers and decision makers using call reports and tools for contact, task, and calendar management.
  • Increase user adoption with an easy-to-use, role-based interface that can be quickly configured and personalized.